Décor Home with a Complete Bathroom Suite

A bathroom suite usually consists of a wash basin, a bath and a toilet, but in the bathroom trade this is known as a 4-part suite! The four parts are the bath basin, the cistern, the toilet and the pedestal (usually). Most bathroom units come in an extensive range of different types, but if youContinue reading “Décor Home with a Complete Bathroom Suite”

Bi fold shower doors – slight change to go a long way in homemaking

Bi fold shower doors are doors that can be installed inside the shower area of your bathroom. This type of door has more advantages than the traditional sliding shower doors, and can offer many homeowners more functionality in their bathrooms. If you are planning to install a new shower enclosure in your bathroom, here isContinue reading “Bi fold shower doors – slight change to go a long way in homemaking”

Advantages of Rectangular Shower Enclosures

First, if you are looking to buy a new shower enclosure for your house, you should definitely consider rectangular shower enclosure. You will find these particularly appealing and stylish, making them an ideal option for homes where other types of fixtures are being used. As previously stated, you will find this type of shower trayContinue reading “Advantages of Rectangular Shower Enclosures”

Bring life to your bathroom with a 1400 x 760 rectangular shower enclosure

Shower enclosure buying guide will be made so that making the proper choice of enclosure is fun and easy from start to finish. To make it easier on you, we have written this guide that will assist you purchase and choose the right rectangular shower enclosures on the internet for your toilet and to helpContinue reading “Bring life to your bathroom with a 1400 x 760 rectangular shower enclosure”

Essential tips for installing a sliding door shower cubicle

The sliding door shower cubicle has become popular these days. This is because such are more convenient for small to average sized bathroom spaces. Compared to regular hinge or sliding shower doorways, sliding doors don’t require much clearance space inside the shower stall. In fact, most shower cubicles have separate sliding panels that can accommodateContinue reading “Essential tips for installing a sliding door shower cubicle”

Use Extra Space Smartly With Cloakroom Vanity Unit In The UK

The best way to get the perfect bathroom vanity is by going online, you can find hundreds of retailers who sell modern, high quality bathroom vanities and cloakroom sinks units at very affordable prices. Choosing the right vanity unit can add significant value to your home, you should look for a company that offers excellentContinue reading “Use Extra Space Smartly With Cloakroom Vanity Unit In The UK”

Why You Should Prefer A Quadrant Shower Tray Over Others

Is all Quadrant Shower Trays basically the same shape? In the UK most of the shower trays sold are quadrant trays which have a standard rectangular radius of up to 550 degrees inclusive of an adjustable thermostat. In other words the entire quadrant shower tray is shaped like a rectangle. If there are more thanContinue reading “Why You Should Prefer A Quadrant Shower Tray Over Others”

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